play havoc with

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play havoc with (someone or something)

To cause issues or disruptions for someone or something. The road closures have played havoc with rush-hour traffic. This humidity is going to play havoc with my hair.
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play havoc with

completely disrupt; cause serious damage to.
1989 Vijay Singh In Search of the River Goddess I hate contractors who come from the plains, chop down trees, play havoc with our lives.
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play/wreak ˈhavoc with something

cause damage, destruction or disorder to something: The terrible storms wreaked havoc with electricity supplies, because so many power lines were down.
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Tony McCoy is facing a nail-biting wait as the current cold snap continues to play havoc with National Hunt racing.
Parents could buy fluoride toothpaste and that should be quite adequate instead of putting fluoride in water which, for me and others, would play havoc with medication for gout.
PERSONAL worries over jobs, health and debt play havoc with sleep and make many people bad tempered.
WINTER weather can play havoc with your skin so keep yours in tip-top condition with these handy tips from Neutrogena:
But grim forecasts threatened to play havoc with the intended order of play, with some bookmakers offering as little as 11-10 on there being no action at all.
IT MUST play havoc with the house prices when your neighbourhood is famous for mob killings.
Sand can play havoc with the cylinder rod end brackets (top) on the blade's moldboard, especially when it's wet and hardens.
Braun's portable stylers are worth their weight in gold when the sun, sea and sand play havoc with your hair.
The new procedure will play havoc with more than just the smaller retail shops.
The bacteria spread via eggs of an infected mother and play havoc with reproduction, causing such oddities as virgin births in wasps, mating incompatibilities in mosquitoes, and genetic males with female bodies in wood lice (SN: 11/16/96, p.
The Blaster worm, which exploits a major vulnerability in the Windows operating system, has since continued to play havoc with unprotected systems worldwide.