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Yet Salmond can play footsie with an Australian and an American with billions of pounds at stake and suffer no consequences.
ambassador to the country since 2005and, over the weekend, a report surfaced in the Kuwaiti press that the Syrians have told Obama adviser Dennis Ross (who is heading to the region now) that they're ready to play footsie back, in the form of opening dialogue with the Israelis.
I don't think the Democrats should embrace "9/11 truthers" any more than I think Republicans should play footsie with birthers.
"This election is a time for voters to choose, not a time for politicians to play footsie with each other.
Having refused to rule out an alliance with either the Tories or Labour last week, the Lib Dem leader will maintain that he is not trying to "play footsie" with his counterparts.
The societies "play footsie" with third-party payers and then tell members post facto that the society obtained a "good deal" and will reward those of us who "play ball." What hogwash!
Lots of straight ladies like to play footsie, especially when cerebrally lubricated.
In an early episode, two wives from the neighboring polygamous household play footsie under the table.
Did he ever play footsie with men or boys at a sports bar?
Seidensticker's consistent refusals to play footsie with successive waves of Japanese intellies and his independent angle toward matters of political correctness (both East and West), his rejection of boosterism in any form, have, for instance, made him an occasional target of those who prefer the myth of Japanese uniqueness to the more mixed and humanly complicated reality.
Negative and positive play footsie across the surfaces, with patterns of white wall peeping through and constructed attachments projecting outward.
PLAY footsie with all sorts of summer shoe styles from sturdy comfort seekers to strappy sandals.
We'd drink the best French red wine and then I'd play footsie under the tablecloth.
And when our elected officials play footsie with the militias, as Ross notes in her article, they need to be held accountable by the media and by the voters.
The usual rationales: the need to end "gridlock"; teh strength of the timber industry; the carpenters' union and its allies; the desire to play footsie with the Clinton crowd.