play by (one's) rules

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play by (one's) rules

To adhere to the rules, strictures, or conditions imposed by one. If you want to write for this paper, kid, you're going to have to play by my rules! I hated playing by the company's rules, so I broke off and set up my own firm.
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play by somebody’s ˈrules


play by your own ˈrules

if somebody plays by their own rules or makes other people play by their rules, they set the conditions for doing business or having a relationship: If we want to win this contract, we’re going to have to play by their rules for a while.
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Whenever they stayed with us, we had clear boundaries and they had to play by our rules. And we always stuck to our guns.
The Foreign Secretary Jack Straw should tell him that if he doesn't want to play by our rules, he can push off back to the States.