play ball with

play ball with (one)

1. Literally, to play baseball with, or throw a baseball back and forth with, one. Why don't you go out back and play ball with your son for a while? After spending a week in bed with the flu, Tommy was eager to go out and play ball with his friends.
2. To do what one wants or says; to cooperate with one; to. The prosecution is much more interesting in bringing down your boss—if you play ball with them, they said they'll reduce your sentence from 15 years down to three. Just play ball with the kidnappers, and nobody will get hurt!
See also: ball, play

play ball with someone

1. Lit. to toss a ball back and forth with someone. Carla is out playing ball with the little kids. Will you play ball with us?
2. Lit. to play baseball or some other team sport with someone. Do you want to play ball with our team? I decided I wouldn't play ball with the school team anymore.
3. Fig. to cooperate with someone. Why can't you guys play ball with us? Max won't play ball with the gang anymore.
See also: ball, play
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Here it is telling you that if you can play ball with Kate Moss then anything is possible.
One mom said they just wanted a man to play ball with her son in the park because that would make things better.
This piece is an homage to Ryokan, an eighteenth-century Japanese poet and monk who left behind as a relic the ball of thread embroidered with peonies and butterflies that be always carried with him and used to play ball with children.
During recess, Brandon takes the time to play ball with the students, making them feel like he's not only there as a volunteer, but also as a friend.
The guys we play ball with and stuff, it will always be there for us.
have opted to play ball with CSI Aviation Services d/b/a/ Charter Services (CSI) as they head to the 2003 NCAA Basketball Tournament.
And in America, in the 1600s, Native Americans gathered on Massachusetts beaches to play a game called ``pasuckuakohowog,'' catchingly translated as, ``they gather to play ball with the foot.
Football fans also can play ball with the company's new Vortex TC transforming football that has tail action with the push of a button, or the Vortex Fire Flight that lights up for after-dinner passes.