play as

play something as something

to deal with something as if it were something else. I will play this matter as a simple case of mistaken identity. We will play this lapse as an instance of forgetfulness and not make too much of it.
See also: play
References in classic literature ?
Well, absurd though it be, I place great hopes on your playing of roulette," she remarked musingly; "wherefore, you ought to play as my partner and on equal shares; wherefore, of course, you will do as I wish.
But, listen, he is about to play a solo on his flute.
A man with three hundred thousand dollars may play a solo, but he never can be alone where there are any to listen.
Pretend play as improvisation: Conversation in the preschool classroom.
Play as the zone of proximal development: Collaborative con structive block play.
Geta has been invited to play as the only paraplegic golfer ever in the Pro-Am's Buick Open on Monday.
Wilson does acknowledge the important role the audience plays in the final product, and he also realizes that the composition of the audience affects the play as well.
This thinking can be illustrated by tracking the evolution of an extremely successful play as it was modified to meet the demands of change.
The QB play-fakes the run and sets up behind the play-side tackle, looking to throw on side, while the offensive line blocking and backfield action emulate the run play as much as possible.
Local plays were generally mediocre and suffered from structural defects and inadequate characterization, with many of them written essentially for reading by writers who viewed the play as a literary text rather than as a dramatic one to be performed on stage.
In this regard, al-Ani's practical experiences as an actor and a director helped him as a playwright, for it enabled him to envision the play as a performance.
5) In its interrogative designs and subversive disturbances, the poem seems to lend itself naturally to phenomenological and deconstructive analyses, neither inappropriate perhaps for a play as concerned as Hamlet is with the reflexions of textuality and the dysfunctions of meaning.
Kids can actually play as their favorite sports stars, swinging bats, hurling pitches and throwing the long pass.