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(one's) head on a plate/platter

A phrase used hyperbolically to refer to a very harsh punishment. If I find out that Paul was the one who sabotaged my presentation to the board, I'll have his head on a plate! Identify the vandals, and bring me their heads on a platter!
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give (something) to (one) on a (silver) platter

To give or relinquish something to one very easily, without them having to work very hard to get or achieve it. The team's defense has been atrocious today, giving a victory to their opponents on a platter. If we can get the government to subsidize our project, we'll have our yearly earnings given to us on a silver platter.
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on a silver platter

Delivered or given to one, without having put forth much or any effort. Of course the CEO's daughter got the job without having to interview—she gets everything on a silver platter.
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on a platter

Easily and without any or much fuss, work, or effort. I was lucky enough to fall into a cushy managerial role, without much direct supervision or constraints—it's a great life that's just been handed to me on a platter. You've been given every opportunity in life on a silver platter, but still you whine and complain when things don't go exactly the way you want.
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*on a silver platter

Fig. using a presentation [of something] that is appropriate for a very formal setting. (*Typically: give something to someone ~; present something ~; serve something ~; want something ~.) Aren't paper plates good enough for you? You want dinner maybe on a silver platter?
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hand to on a silver platter

Also, serve up on a plate. Provide with something valuable for nothing, or give an unearned reward to; also, make it easy for. For example, She did no work at all, expecting to have everything handed to her on a silver platter, or Just ask them-they'll serve up the data on a plate. Both terms allude to being elaborately served at the table. [Early 1900s] Also see born with a silver spoon.
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on a silver platter


on a platter

If you are given something on a silver platter or on a platter, you are given it without having to work or make an effort to get it. You expect me to hand you everything on a silver platter, and when you don't get it, you stamp your little foot and cry. The Opposition has been handed this issue on a platter. Note: A platter is a large plate or shallow dish used for serving food.
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on a silver platter (or salver)

without having been asked or sought for; without requiring any effort or return from the recipient.
The image here is of a butler or waiter presenting something on a silver tray.
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(hand something to somebody) on a silver ˈplatter

give something to somebody without expecting them to do or give anything in return: I don’t like her at all — she expects to be handed everything on a silver platter as if she’s better than other people.
A platter is a large plate that is used for serving food.
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1. and plate n. home base or home plate in baseball. (Usually with the.) The batter stepped up to the platter.
2. n. a phonograph record. (Old but still heard.) They call it a “platter” because it looks like a serving platter.

on a platter

Without exertion; effortlessly: always got what they wanted on a platter.
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We completed the meal with a dessert platter comprising kulfi, gajar ka halwa (carrot halwa), ras malai and gulab jamun.
That means driving up capacities is the most important way to expand their appeal, and the businesses that adopt them won't be put off, even if glass platters require a higher cost.
It has an imposing bar just inside the restaurant making it the perfect place to enjoy a beverage along with a variety of bar snacks that include nachos, meat platters etc.
CHEMISTRY: The glaze on this platter contains lead.
The platter is a mix of lunch, brunch, and high tea, and the dishes have been crafted to be a bit more substantial for the male palate.
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The Mother's Day package costs just [euro]130 for two people, and includes a glass of bubbly each, a sharing seafood platter and dessert platter and full make-up application each for two people.
Iceland is bringing back its range of frozen sandwich platters this Christmas due to popular demand.
Gillard is now seeking official advice on the cost of the platter, which was initially valued at about 1000 dollars, The Herald Sun reports.
India, May 5 -- Seagate made an announcement recently that they have managed to develop hard-drive platters with an unprecedented density of 625 gigabits per square inch.
Lone Skov Madsen's dialogue with the clay has materialised itself in a number of projects, but the unifying common de nominator has for quite some time been the platter, in the form of circular shapes generally measuring about half a metre in diameter.
In an article published in 1993, Charles Platter threw down the gauntlet: "I think Bakhtin seriously underrates the complexity of Aristophanes" (209-10).
Specialty platters include baked stuffed lobsters, cocktail shrimp platter, smoked fish platter, baked stuffed jumbo shrimp platter, swordfish kabobs, stone crab claw platter, shrimp scampi over linguini and linguini with clam sauce.