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Plating Resources has over 100 customers that use or apply the sealant.
Plating Resources recommends that Micro Tuff be applied to either a new tool or one that has been stripped of previous platings and then cleaned and replated.
Several alternatives to chrome plating are available.
Although many predicted that industry would make a sudden changeover from chrome plating to one of these new technologies that has failed to happen.
In joining forces, PCA Industries and Santa Ana Plating will offer unmatched size and capabilities in contract manufacturing and chrome plating for the automotive and motorcycle industries in the United States.
The combination of these two well-established, financially viable companies has resulted in the creation of a powerful new force that will compete more comprehensively and efficiently with offshore plating and manufacturing than any other domestic organization," said Bob Winters Sr.
The new SlimCell ECP system features a new platform, plating cell and small chemical bath design that dramatically increases the technical capability, process repeatability and production-worthiness of the electroplating process.
TSMC is a leader in the manufacture of copper devices and requires a very high degree of technical capability and cost-effectiveness in its process systems," said Russell Ellwanger, vice president and general manager of Applied Materials' Planarization and Plating Product Business Group.
Rather than employing a common chemical bath for multiple plating cells, the SlimCell system's advanced design provides individual chemical baths to each small-volume plating cell.
Complementing the advanced plating cell and system architecture, these enhancements contribute to the SlimCell system's remarkably low defect levels, including backside contamination.
This means that our GXT(TM) plating is the only plating in the world, other than 50 micro inches of gold, that meets the FCC requirements," said Ron Holler, product marketing manager.