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Dow Introduces SOLDERON BP TS 6000 Tin-Silver Plating Chemistry II-78
Table 18: World Historic Review for Plating Chemicals by
Table 19: World 15-Year Perspective for Plating Chemicals by
is an innovative nickel and metal plating company based in Chicopee, MA.
The company excels in the plating of precision parts for an array of industries worldwide including military, mold-making, and medical applications.
offers Electro-Dialysis systems for purification of Electroless Nickel Plating baths.
Tests conducted by Plating Resources show that chrome plate sealed with Micro Tuff achieves 65 hr of corrosion resistance before failing vs.
And while industry downsizing and consolidation has led to the closure or offshore relocation of as many as half of the chrome plating shops in North America, the chrome plating market today is fairly stable:
Europe is ambivalent and Asia is largely unconcerned with regulating chrome plating
Suppliers of alternative coating/plating technologies are facing highly segmented markets where chrome plating users are resistant to making large capital investments.
Tony Kakuk, president of Santa Ana Plating, will serve as president for the combined companies, and Bob Winters Sr.
The merger with PCA Industries is one that should be viewed positively by all customers, as it allows us to provide unparalleled levels of manufacturing and plating solutions.
21, 1995--Berg Electronics is pleased to announce that the FCC has issued a public notice stating that Berg's 30 micro inches of GXT(TM) ("Better-than-Gold") plating meets the same requirements as the industry's standard 50 micro inch gold plating normally used in the manufacture of standard plugs and jacks.
introduces its 300mm SlimCell(TM) electrochemical plating (ECP) system that overcomes the limitations of existing plating technology to deliver a cost-effective, production-worthy tool for current generation manufacturing and groundbreaking capability for 65nm and beyond copper chip development.
Rather than employing a common chemical bath for multiple plating cells, the SlimCell system's advanced design provides individual chemical baths to each small-volume plating cell.