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Robson said yesterday: "I had the honour to work alongside Alan Plater many times during my career although I never saw it as work.
Plater clinched the NW 200 feature race victory for the third straight year after a superb overtaking move on the last lap saw him finish ahead of Cameron Donald and Rutter Guy Martin was comfortable in the lead before being forced out in the third lap.
Mr Plater, 26, began his working life on regional newspapers in the North West after completing a degree in journalism at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston.
The speakers emphasized that appropriate testing and follow-up care were important in identifying children living with HIV, and that we need to provide more appropriate and accessible treatments for children and infants," said Plater.
There are so many riders and so many bikes capable of winning and it has the potential to be a marvellous spectacle for the spectators," said Plater.
Alan Plater became a name in the 1960s, writing for Z Cars and contributing plays for TV.
Although he led early on, Rutter was never far away from the shadowing Plater and both riders pulled clear of the remainder of the field.
The city has started a crackdown on potentially polluting businesses in Sun Valley and on chrome platers citywide.
Plater - who won the Supersport race in 2008 - looked set for second when John McGuinness notched two lap records on the way to a 20- second lead, but when his chain broke and he was forced to retire, team-mate Plater took the victory.
David Woodhouse, 20, of Hebburn, is also training to be a plater.
Plater, who won best TT newcomer last year, has had a rough time so far on the island with mechanical problems halting him building on his best finish of seventh.
The Life and Mission Agency has announced that Karen Plater has been appointed Associate Secretary for Mission Education and Stewardship.
STEVE PLATER, riding the HM Plant Honda, may have been the record breaker at Saturday's Kennedy International NorthWest 200 but the man who raised the biggest cheer was Robert Dunlop when he won the 125cc race.
This features playwright Alan Plater and an all-star octet led by saxophonist Alan Barnes in a set of songs celebrating features of the jazz world co-written by Plater and Barnes.
The Company's products include cryoscopes used to detect added water in milk, the Fluorophos(R) system used to measure the degree of pasteurization, the QCount(TM) and PetriScan(TM) systems for automated microbial analysis, and the Autoplate(R) 4000 Automatic Plater which simplifies the time consuming processes required for microbiology testing in the dairy lab.