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mod. alcohol intoxicated. She’s so plastered she can’t see.

plastered to the wall

mod. heavily alcohol intoxicated. (An elaboration of plastered.) How can anybody get plastered to the wall on just four beers?
See also: plastered, wall

pleasantly plastered

mod. mildly alcohol intoxicated; mellow with drink. (An elaboration of plastered.) He wasn’t really stoned. Just pleasantly plastered.
See also: plastered
References in classic literature ?
Both rooms were plastered and whitewashed--the plaster laid directly upon the earth walls, as it used to be in dugouts.
It was dug out under the wing of the house, was plastered and cemented, with a stairway and an outside door by which the men came and went.
The store- keepers plastered up their windows with all sorts of lies to entice you; the very fences by the wayside, the lampposts and telegraph poles, were pasted over with lies.
This old house with the leaky weatherboards was a very different thing from their cabins at home, with great thick walls plastered inside and outside with mud; and the cold which came upon them was a living thing, a demon-presence in the room.
So stud walls are the hollow kind, usually made up of a frame of wood covered in sheets of plasterboard or in plastered laths (thin strips of wood nailed to the studding).
Description of the procurement: external wall plaster on gypsum plastered clay slate masonry with coordinated lime plaster system on existing buildings bt a (approx.