plaster with

plaster something with something

to spread some substance onto something. Jane plastered each slice of bread with butter and then heaped on a glob of jam. She plastered the wall with a thin coat of fine white plaster.
See also: plaster
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In all cases, the compressive strength of plaster with NEOPOR is higher (by 19.
3, columns T-4, T-7, T-10), the lowest thermal conductivity coefficient belongs to the plaster with NEOPOR, which contains graphite as an additive and, thus, ensures better thermal properties of these aggregates and respective plaster samples (Fig.
Investigations of the impact of lightweight aggregate additives on relative vapour resistance established that the plaster with EPSC has the best water vapour permeability (Fig.
1300 mA wet sand blasting, production of wall openings 165 pieces, 1800 mA restoration, 2000 mA of wall plaster with a historic lime plaster, 1 250 mA ceiling plaster in the area of ?
Carefully take the rule from the surface, removing surplus plaster with it.
Carefully take the rule away from the surface, removing the surplus plaster with it.
If they are, just fill any holes in the plaster with filler or fresh plaster.
Most are round-pole post and beam construction with thick walls of straw-clay in fill or lath and plaster with blown-in cellulose insulation.
Next a "scratch coat" (a rough plaster with the texture of sandpaper) is applied, followed by a final coat of smooth plaster.
General repair of a monastery building of approx 1695 with fire protection measures and Stucco Renovations in three phases with the following individual trades of 2 Construction stage Plastering (Interior) - Inventory plaster layers of paint remove approximately 3500 mA,- Inventory plaster with spot putty complement approximately 3500 mA,- Kalkgipsputz on new walls about 250 mA,- Vaulted ceiling plaster about 500 mA.
Decker System untrained the correct for the and amount to screw to improve capacity of ground laying fir ms The key to this problem is to stop and fill the plaster with Carlite bonding plaster at the first sight of a hole forming.
Decrease in inventory of various paintings by milling or stains on ceilings and walls, A = approx 3,900 sqm, : - Cleaning of existing and new walls with Santer, lime or lime cement plaster, on different grounds, eg Masonry, brick masonry, timber frame walls, A = approx 1,400 sqm, : - Same material, plaster repairs of defects existing plaster with lime plaster walls of the total area A = approx 3.