plaster with

plaster (something) with (something)

To cover ever inch of some surface with something. They plastered the walls with gaudy pink paint. The alleyway was plastered with posters of her performance. We plastered our faces with mud to help us remain undetected on our approach to the camp.
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plaster something with something

to spread some substance onto something. Jane plastered each slice of bread with butter and then heaped on a glob of jam. She plastered the wall with a thin coat of fine white plaster.
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Table (2) Comparison of technical data of unknown plaster with common type of plaster moulding and plaster casting.
Carefully take the rule from the surface, removing surplus plaster with it.
Carefully take the rule away from the surface, removing the surplus plaster with it.
If they are, just fill any holes in the plaster with filler or fresh plaster.
Most are round-pole post and beam construction with thick walls of straw-clay in fill or lath and plaster with blown-in cellulose insulation.
Next a "scratch coat" (a rough plaster with the texture of sandpaper) is applied, followed by a final coat of smooth plaster.
Undercut the old plaster with a can opener so that its edge slants back toward the lath and the new plaster can "key" or lock in behind existing plaster.