plaster onto

plaster (something) onto (something)

To smear some substance onto and all over something. They plastered red paint onto the sides of the embassy to protest the unlawful killings. Mud was plastered onto our clothing after we got up out of the ditch.
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plaster something onto something

 and plaster something on
to spread a substance onto something. She plastered great globs of the jam onto the toast. She plastered on lots of butter.
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Standing close to the patch, tilt the hawk towards you and, with a continuous movement, lift half the plaster onto the trowel.
In order to accomplish a parallel artistic expression of this algorithm, he applies a thick, wet layer of experimentally developed plaster onto a painted surface.
The show took its title from a 1978 performance, The Monument Without a Passport (Police), in which Kweik rendered Kulik immobile by pouring plaster onto her feet, effectively turning her into a statue holding high in one hand their plans for an exhibition in Arnhem, the Netherlands--one they could not carry out because their passports had been confiscated.
Artist Jim Dine, with the help of the Walla Walla Foundry crew, sculpted plaster onto the foam patterns for the full scale model.
Most globes dating from the 16th to the early 20th century were made of papier mache covered with a layer of plaster onto which 12 sections of paper maps were pasted.
I tried to fool the machine by taking my wedding ring off and when it was clear the machine wasn't fooled I even tried putting a plaster onto one of my fingers...
Now Daryle prefers teaching plastering tips to trainees in a warm workshop to smoothing plaster onto walls on an ice-encrusted building site.
For example the 20m X 2m sculpture called 'Trench 10' was made by pouring plaster onto the chalk surface of an excavated Bronze Age ditch.
This work, Golden Memories, 2015, creates painting beyond the canvas, like an abstract fresco (in blue, red, and purple, the colors of her film Amplifications, 2014) that, detached from the vault of a chapel, or more likely from the rough ceiling of the gallery, has fallen to the floor, along with the plaster onto which it had been affixed.