plant on

plant (something) on

1. Literally, to grow a plant on top of something. Many people in the city have begun planting vegetables on their rooftops to help curb the cost of buying fresh produce.
2. To place and conceal something in or among someone's possessions or clothing without their knowledge or permission. The police officer was convicted of assaulting pedestrians and then planting knifes or drugs on them in order to justify the beatings. Be sure to mind your bags for the duration of your trip, as it is not unheard of for criminals to plant drugs and other contraband on innocent passengers in the hopes of smuggling it to their destinations without their knowledge.
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plant something on someone

1. to hide incriminating evidence on a person for later discovery and use in prosecution. (Drugs. Allegedly a police practice used to entrap drug offenders.) The cops planted crack on Richard and then arrested him for carrying it. Don't touch me! You'll plant something on me!
2. to conceal narcotics or other contraband on an unsuspecting person for the purpose of smuggling. (This person will bear the risk of discovery and arrest.) The crooks planted the stuff on a passenger, but couldn't find him when the plane landed. Someone had planted coke on me, and the airport security officer found it.
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Vattenfall said today that following the deal it will become the sole owner of the Pengfors plant on the Ume River in northeastern Sweden, while leaving the ownership of the Gulsele och Hallby plants on the Angermanalven River in the central part of the country to E.ON.