plant in

plant (something) in (something else)

1. Literally, to place or set a plant or the seed of a plant in something or some area in which to grow. We're planting herbs in little pots on the windowsill so we can watch them grow. They planted palm trees in their back yard, and it looks absolutely ridiculous. Make sure you plant the saplings in enough soil for the roots to spread out properly.
2. To fix something firmly or securely in something. We planted our feet in the dirt and began to push with all our might. I planted the hydraulic legs of the aerial lift in the ground so that the whole thing wouldn't topple over.
3. To introduce, establish, or implant something in someone's mind, emotions, subconscious, etc. My brother planted the idea of moving to New York City in my mind, and now I can't think of anything else to do! They aim to plant revolutionary intentions in the hearts of young men and women across the country.
4. To conceal or hide something in something or some place. The criminal gang planted the stolen goods in fast-food warehouses across the North East. We planted microphones in the lining of their luggage so we could hear their conversations during the entire trip.
5. To place something secretly in something or some place with the intention of causing a false understanding or interpretation upon discovery. We planted a bloody knife in his desk drawer so it would look like he was the one who killed his wife. The police officer was convicted of planting drugs in the clothing of pedestrians on the street in order to justify his many arrests.
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plant something in something

1. Lit. to set out a plant in something; to sow seeds in something. Are you going to plant tomatoes in these pots? What have you planted in the garden?
2. Fig. to put an idea in someone's brain, head, or thinking. Who planted that silly idea in your head? I want to plant this concept in her thinking.
3. Fig. Inf. to conceal something in something. The crook planted the money in the back of the refrigerator. What did the cops plant in your pockets?
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The minister visited the 2x330MW power plants and witnessed the progress of coal mine excavation work and inaugurated a safe drinking water plant in Seengario village.
The eight MOX fuel units were on their way to the Grohnde nuclear power plant in Lower Saxony.
The three production units of the Tunisian Chemical Group (GCT) plant in Mdhilla (Governorate of Gafsa) suspended their activities on Monday.
The official added that the reserves of the plant in sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid for the production of Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) exceeded the storage capacity, which required a stoppage of work in these two production units.
GAFSA (TA) - Construction works of the Mdhilla-2 plant in Gafsa, specialising in the production of chemical fertilisers, will resume shortly, Regional Director of the Tunisian Chemical Group (GCT) told TAP correspondent.
5-meter high barbed-wire fence around the premises of the Tomari nuclear power plant in Tomari, Hokkaido, at around 4 a.
District Court in Chattanooga, Tyson Foods made a regular practice of hiring illegal aliens for several plants, including a fresh chicken processing plant in Shelbyville.
For initial screening of the Kaybonnet M2 population, single M3 seeds were sampled from panicles representing each plant in the M2 row.
Operation Vanguard got its first workout this past December when the INS subpoenaed the personnel records of every employee of every meatpacking plant in its target area-a total of about 40,000 workers.
ABB has bagged a lucrative service contract from Shell covering a platform and onshore plant in Norway.