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In contrast to well-conceived and thoughtfully executed marketing planning, the practice of "channel stuffing" is a frantic manager's way of meeting sales and profit goals.
Particularly in large universities, the tendency is to mandate strategic planning at the unit level--the constituent colleges, schools, and departments--but to ignore any rigorous thinking (i.e., decision-making) at the top, institutional level.
So what's the value of a fast, focused, integrated and technology-enabled planning and reporting process?
However--like death and taxes--retirement planning is one of those issues that just won't go away no matter how much you want it to.
Therefore, as with any part of the overall strategic plan, global tax planning must be consistently monitored and then updated when necessary.
"Companies can double their initial return on investment within a few years, thanks to better decision making, reduced planning cycles, a more motivated, collaborative workforce and a sharper competitive edge," says Lawrence Serven, a principal at the Buttonwood Group, a Stamford, Connecticut, research and consulting firm.
Boggs imposes severe limitations on the estate planning available to married couples residing in community property states.
Y2K issues have raised contingency planning awareness by government agencies such as the SEC, too.
TOMMEs can be an effective planning tool for practitioners who do their due diligence and assist their clients in choosing the right program.
What is missing here is the grand opportunity to pursue true planning through the development and implementation of a tactical plan.
After processing that input, and consulting with the NIEHS council, the group planned the next major event in the process--the Strategic Planning Forum, which was held 17-18 October 2005 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
CPAs can play an important role in planning or executing these seminars.
Organizational crises--not just natural disasters, but also leadership transitions and sudden market changes--provide opportunities for communicators to demonstrate their skills in planning as well as tactical execution.
it was difficult for them to see the importance of planning for their students' successful learning.