plan for (someone)

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plan for (someone)

To make preparations for someone or a some number of people. You're more than welcome to join us for dinner, but I hadn't planned for more than four, so there might not be very much food. Jeff said you can plan for him for Christmas dinner.
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plan for someone

to prepare enough [of something] for someone. Fred just called and said he can show up for dinner after all. Please plan for him. Tony wasn't planned for, and there is no place for him to sit.
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plan for something

1. to prepare for something. I need to take some time and plan for my retirement. We carefully planned for almost every possibility.
2. to prepare or estimate for a certain number [of people or things]. I am planning for twelve. I hope everyone can come.
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plan for

To prepare for something: Many people don't plan for retirement and then find that they haven't saved enough money.
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