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While the long, straight-grained white-oak planks are used for hull planking, the live oak's large branch sections and odd shapes are required for knee supports, breasthooks in the prow, and curving "compass timbers.
8220;This planking phenomenon is taking off, and we thought it would be fun to join in,” said Jim Minge, one of the plankers and also the President/CEO of Texas Trust Credit Union.
Followers of the craze in Wales have even set up a Facebook page dedicated to Welsh people planking across the county.
If you are using premade platforms as your planking, make sure they are secured and stay put.
One IBTimes commenter thinks that planking will never be dethroned by Owling.
If I had known about planking I would have planked on the runway.
com/r/pics/comments/imuoh/seems_to_be_an_increase_in_planking_photos_so/) Reddit , entitled "Seems to be an increase in planking photos, so.
As the numbers involved spiralled out of control, Queensland and Victorian police issued stern warnings to those caught up in the planking craze, not to take risks.
Planking was created over three years ago in England.
Owling is the new trend after planking, just days old, where people pose for pictures crouching like an owl in unusual places.
Planking, the international phenomenon that started in England and spread to Asia and Australia, has come to Los Angeles.
Planking is a fast-growing, but possibly dangerous, game – started in England, most popular in Australia, but spreading worldwide – in online society where people post up their pictures of lying down on some of the most unusual and obscure places.
Planking is a game that is gaining a lot of popularity where people (known as "plankers") lie down on the ground – usually in an unusual location – and post the picture of planking on online community such as Facebook.
Planking is an internet activity which involves taking photos of people lying face forward and stiff as a -- plank in a variety of poses.
Essentially, planking involves lying flat on your stomach in unusual (occasionally dangerous) positions and posing for photographs.