plane off

plane something off

to remove bumps, nicks, or scrapes by planing. Plane the rough places off so the surface will be as smooth as possible. Sam planed off the bumps.
See also: off, plane
References in classic literature ?
There was danger, of course, that some heavily squeezed ice-field might shoot up the beach, and plane off the top of the islet bodily; but that did not trouble Kotuko and the girl when they made their snow- house and began to eat, and heard the ice hammer and skid along the beach.
The ship was sunk, with many Liverpudlians believed to be on board, by a Luftwaffe plane off the port of St Nazaire, France, on June 17, 1940.
I love the fact that we have to get everything done to get the plane off or on to the stand on time.
The downing of the Turkish plane off the Syrian coast, the lengthy hostage crisis in Mosul and the battle for Kobani, all of which left the AKP government paralyzed, is now followed by the evacuation drama, perceived largely by the opposition camps as Turkey losing territory.
John's during their first winter in the league, their plane off the island departed in a fierce blizzard, headed for Fredericton, New Brunswick.
It will soon be easier to hop on a jet and plane off for business or vacation from the Las Cruces International Airport.
Philippine aviation authorities confirmed that the storm's strong crosswinds had blown the plane off the tarmac.
The pilots only managed to veer the plane off its route in their attempt to find the nearest landing place, most possible somewhere in Malaysia itself or possibly the nearest country.
the missing Malaysia Airlines plane off Kelantan, Malaysia, yesterday
They plane off fast but suffer in rough water performance and they have a tendency to slide on a hard turn.
She also appealed to their common interest (getting the plane off the ground on time) by using the word "we" a lot.
The most functional feature is the load carrying capabilities, allowing groups to add more weight without sacrificing the boat's ability to plane off.
South Korea's Transport Ministry said in a statement the aircraft's fuselage appeared to have hit the ground, sending the plane off the runway and causing massive damage to the body of the jet.
South Korea's Transport Ministry said the aircraft's rear fuselage appeared to have hit the ground, sending the plane off the runway.