plane away

plane something away

to smooth off bumps or irregularities with a plane. Please plane the bumps away so that the board is perfectly smooth. Sam planed away the bumps.
See also: away, plane
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A PILOT avoided a tragedy yesterday by steering his plummeting plane away from a kids' play park.
He was hailed a hero after steering the plane away from three of Coventry's biggest housing estates - Stoke Aldermoor, Ernesford Grange and Willenhall.
Residents of the small town of Gonesse hailed the pilot of the doomed Air France Concorde as a hero for his desperate final attempt to steer the plane away from their homes.
The airmen were hailed as heroes by nearby residents who said they steered the plane away from houses.
Sophie, from Hilton, Derbyshire, who was at the controls of the Cessna, has been praised by witnesses for managing to steer the doomed plane away from nearby homes.
A police helicopter tried to force the plane away, while two military jets roared back and forward.
His ejector seat had not fired and it is believed he may have stayed in the cockpit to steer the plane away from nearby homes and a school.
Police praised the actions of the two men who averted a major disaster by steering the crippled plane away from a row of houses before it burst into flames in a field at Mow Cop on the Staffordshire-Cheshire boarder.
A HEROIC Red Arrows pilot sacrificed his own life to save others by bravely steering his falling plane away from houses into an empty field.
But he was able to jettison his fuel tanks and point the plane away from houses towards an empty field.
Police yesterday praised the actions of a pilot who died after steering his crippled plane away from rows of houses and crashing into a field in Staffordshire.
Hailing the pilot for steering his plane away from the busiest part of the estate, John Crane said: "He tried to avoid the houses.
The pilot was hailed a hero by Gonesse's mayor for steering the plane away from houses and a hospital.
Things were very chaotic at the time and two detectives even came to see me to take the bit of plane away.
The 54-year-old pilot, who once windsurfed across the Atlantic, was hailed a hero by Gonesse's mayor for steering the plane away from houses and a hospital.