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Although Schwartz says, "I feel like I've been thinking about this strategic plan for the past twenty years of my research career," he emphasizes that the plan is not fixed in stone.
Schwartz stresses that "although the plan seems like a finalized process, it's really just the beginning--the beginning of a lot of exciting work, a lot of exciting program development, and a lot of opportunity.
Interestingly, the crisis communication plan further legitimized the communication department's role.
* Writing versus Thinking--Even the teachers who wrote lesson plans tended to simply note some sketchy ideas, rather than use the planning processes that Schmidt had shown them in their pedagogy class.
Finally, the idea of a 529 plan that would be national in scope and dedicated to helping families plan and save for their children's college education at independent institutions struck me, and many of my colleagues, as an excellent complement to the state-sponsored 529 plans oriented toward public schools.
The regulations require plans to maintain a record of each employee's investment in the contract (i.e., designated Roth contributions that have not been distributed), and to allocate gains, losses and other credits or charges to each employee's designated Roth account (and other plan accounts) on "a reasonable and consistent basis." Neither matching contributions nor forfeitures may be allocated to designated Roth accounts.
And, though plan assets are generally valued at the fair market value on the valuation date, asset value may also be averaged over 24 months, a decrease from the 60-month average allowed before the Act.
A plan with an automatic enrollment arrangement that is not qualified will be allowed to make ADP/ACP refunds up to six months after the close of the plan year (rather than 2.5 months under prior law) without a 10 percent excise tax on the employer.
Under this rule, participants in their first year of eligibility have up to 30 days after they became eligible to participate in the nonqualified deferred compensation plan to make their deferral election with respect to compensation for services to be rendered subsequent to the election.
Protecting Your Library's Digital Sources is a good preliminary tool for the construction of a digital materials disaster prevention and recovery plan for a cultural or informational organization.
Of course, the physician also discovers that the retirement plan no longer is designed and customized around his or her group's objectives and desires.
He called the secrecy "an unfortunate by-product" of emergency planning: "You want to reassure everyone, but you don't want to give the plan away."
Pandemic influenza plan. 2005 Nov 4 [cited 2006 Jun 19].
A Roth 401(k) plan may be added to a traditional 40 l(k) plan, allowing participants to make after-tax contributions.