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put (something) plainly

To state, explain, or express something clearly and directly. To put it plainly, you've simply not been performing to the standard of quality we expect. Please put your opinion plainly and quit beating around the bush!
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put something plainly

to state something firmly and explicitly. To put it plainly, I want you out of this house immediately. Thank you. I think you've put your feelings quite plainly.
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Clark, though plainly a fit man, frets because he can no longer perform a single pull-up on the bar at the top of the castle tower at around sixty; his own mortality haunts him constantly.
Pro-choice Marylanders were plainly worried and came out in droves to hand out "Vote FOR Question 6" leaflets at the polls.
in doing so, it said plainly that: "The law is clear that assessment value must reflect the existing use of the property.
``Whatever he initiated with one or other or both girls plainly went wrong and thereafter, in this ruthless man's mind, those girls had to die.
It's their jug-headed similarity that allows each figure to stand out boldly and plainly, as gawky and humble as the living entities depicted.
Its sensitivity was plainly going to be a constraint on new building, but in approaching Ushida Findlay, whose work they had seen in Japan, the clients were seeking the unexpected.
By contrast, the ONDCP's TV ads' (viewable at are plainly labeled as messages from the government--not that any one would mistake them for honest information in the first place.
JACK Straw yesterday condemned the "plainly premeditated" riot which ravaged the City of London last Friday.
The Stierle family plainly trusted her, for they recall Eddie, youngest of eight children, with refreshingly unsentimental candor.
Money's status is plainly sinking, and Trump is scrambling for a lifeboat.
Shepard's play deals with a conflict of passions, and the video plainly shows the difficulty of expressing this through language--whether in the form of words or of body language.
The house is moving to visit, and plainly excellent to stay in.
The court noted that although the inmate was not formally assigned by the prison's law librarian to serve as the other i nmate's law clerk, he knew that counsel had been appointed for the other inmate and the letter was plainly related to the charges pending against the other inmate.
Prior to the bombing, and even for some weeks after it began, Milosevic's purpose was plainly not to annihilate all ethnic Albanians wherever they lived in Europe but to expel them from Kosovo.
Baxter also plainly loves British children's comics of doddery vintage, as well as Hollywood juvenilia of the Lone Ranger/Hopalong Cassidy variety.