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put (something) plainly

To state, explain, or express something clearly and directly. To put it plainly, you've simply not been performing to the standard of quality we expect. Please put your opinion plainly and quit beating around the bush!
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put something plainly

to state something firmly and explicitly. To put it plainly, I want you out of this house immediately. Thank you. I think you've put your feelings quite plainly.
See also: plainly, put
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Of all of our presidents, Abraham Lincoln was clearly the most psychologically tortured and the one who wore it most plainly on his sleeve.
Kimberly Hamme, whose Plainly Dressed Web business employs Amish and Mennonite seamstresses sewing custom-made clothes, told WGAL News in Susquehanna Valley, Pennsylvania, "We wanted to be a plain people's Wal-Mart.
If not necessarily on the way out, school boards are plainly under siege.
The San Andreas fault shows up plainly because porous sedimentary rocks lie on one side of that rupture and dense rocks lie on the other.
That document sets out, on behalf of the Bush administration, a plainly totalitarian view of presidential power.
In Songwriter, a plainly dressed Collier faces the camera but obscures her head with an album cover featuring a black-and-white photo of a smiling folk singer, thus completing while also masking the artist.
Putting it quite plainly, this book is one of the best I have ever found about the Wright brothers and the invention of human flight.
As Gibbons remarks, the sources provide few glimpses into Wriothesley's personality, although he was plainly a tough politician, capable of ruthlessness and vindictiveness.
Currently, rulings of the Tax Commissioner are accorded judicial notice, whereas regulations are accorded significant deference if not unreasonable or plainly inconsistent.
Former Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, further fuelled the row over Downing Street's first dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction today, by alleging its key claims were plainly not accurate.
If the dialogue doesn't involve her, does your BFF seem to tune you out or plainly change the subject?
One of the frescoes of the Macellum in Pompeii, now thought to have been one of the prosperous southern Italian city's principal food markets which, in its day, plainly outshone the glory of the food halls of London's Harrods and Berlin's KDW.
As recent world events have revealed so plainly, governing in the name of religious faith is dangerous.
The court held that when a legislature plainly states its intent that a statute is not punitive, courts may reject the legislature's manifest intent and find that the statute is in fact punitive.
I mean, why do hard-working comedians (and David Baddiel) have to give up their precious time and why do members of the public have to shave off all their hair or sit in a bath of custard for a week to pay for these things when the Government plainly has the resources to pay themselves?