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"But it is not my business to make observations on His Majesty's commands, but rather it is my duty to obey them." In plainer modern English, Winslow's statement would be rendered: "I am only following orders."
The evidence is growing plainer that President George W.
In the first paragraph of Giovanni's Room, David describes himself as having blond hair and "ancestors [who] conquered a continent." What could be plainer than that?
According to Reese, the company's hottest-selling 1911 pistols are the plainer ones, the GI series and the Milspec, followed by the fancier Loaded models.
And in the Brent East by-election, where a safe Labour majority of 13,000 votes in the last election simply evaporated this September in the face of a Liberal Democrat challenger who emphasized her party's opposition to the war, the handwriting on the wall couldn't have been much plainer.
Ecclesiastical architecture and rituals of death are two areas in which Protestant identity can be easily perceived, as the simpler and plainer aspects of Protestant churches and funerals contrasted explicitly with their Catholic counterparts.
How could we have been plainer? Did we need to spell it out word by word, saying 'You can believe in God in any way you choose, or in no god at all.
The quality of the "resolution" to the crisis which the government announced unilaterally late last year makes even plainer what has been clear from the beginning.
Healing involves critically examining or casting aside common business "euphemisms," pretentious words or expressions used in place of plainer and more accurate language for the sake of manipulation, he says.
Tolson and Amiri Baraka, but rather plainer, quieter, narrative poets, folks like Michael S.
Gallego explains that these earlier people were poor and probably would have worn much plainer dresses without all the lace and organza that dancers of today wear.
Just now, the lovers have been marvelling At the plainer speech of a tom place below one wing.
Thomas Gilliard contended that the bowerbird species in which males themselves flash colorful plumage tend to build simple structures, whereas the plainer birds create more highly decorated concoctions.