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The alluvial plains on the side appeared fertile, and it is supposed that they are well adapted to the growth of corn.
In both countries the salt-lakes occupy shallow depressions in the plains; in both the mud on the borders is black and fetid; beneath the crust of common salt, sulphate of soda or of magnesium occurs, imperfectly crystallized; and in both, the muddy sand is mixed with lentils of gypsum.
It is truly admirable that a homegrown brand called Plains and Prints has been fashionably dressing up Filipinas for the the last 25 years.
For comparison: A 5.3-ounce cup of Dannon plain whole-milk yogurt has 4.5 grams (g) total fat and 3 g saturated fat.
Salalah: With its moderate temperatures the Salalah Agricultural Plain is one of the major agricultural areas of the Sultanate.
Salalah Plain is characterized by abundance of agricultural crops, most notably coconut, papaya and bananas, which need the appropriate environmental and climatic conditions of the tropical and subtropical regions with moderate temperate and humid weather.
This guide for students and practitioners presents an original framework to identify and evaluate contexts for using plain language when writing technical content; plain language is approached as an ethical issue.
We follow time's footsteps Not quite sure And it's plain as
GOOD value but a plain bagel is a plain bagel, plain and simple.
The conference, "Plain Language: Adding Up the Benefits," will include speeches and presentations by Bryan Garner, author of Legal Writing in Plain English and Garner's Modern American Usage; Bill Sabin, author of the Gregg Reference Manual; Martin Cutts of England, author of the Oxford Guide to Plain English; and William Lutz, author of Doublespeak.
Of course, like the idea that high art should be for "plain people," the idea that the experience of high art can be unmediated is just plain screwy.
The Plain Dealer notes that the "asphalt industry's trade group, Flexible Pavements of Ohio, said it will win Round One by doing the initial paving a little cheaper."
The concentration of dissolved Fe in groundwater is generally low (< 1 mg/L) in the Ganga Alluvial Plain (Acharyya et al.
In this respect, Harris fails to do in Deep Souths what he did so well in Plain Folk and Gentry--recreate the complex worldview of lower-class whites.