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a plague on both your houses

I hope that bad things happen to both of you (and your families). The phrase appears in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. I can't believe the two of you would deceive me like this! A plague on both your houses!
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avoid (someone or something) like the plague

To consciously stay away from someone or something. I didn't do my homework my last night, so I'm avoiding my teacher like the plague. My dog is terrified of cats and avoids them like the plague.
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enough to plague a saint

So trying or frustrating as to bother even the most patient person. The annoying action can be stated between "enough" and "to." Being with screaming kids all day is enough to plague a saint. The kids have really let loose today with enough shrieking to plague a saint.
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plague (one) with (something)

To frustrate, annoy, inconvenience, or cause trouble for one repeatedly or continuously. Often used in passive constructions. The company was plagued with setbacks and misfortune in its first couple of years, but they've finally begun to see some financial success. The investigators have been plaguing us with inquiries and requests for documentation for weeks now—I wish they would let us just get on with our work!
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avoid someone or something like the plague

Fig. to ignore or keep away from someone or something totally. What's wrong with Bob? Everyone avoids him like the plague. I don't like opera. I avoid it like the plague.
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enough something to plague a saint

 and something is enough to plague a saint
Rur. enough of something to annoy even a patient person. That little boy has enough curiosity to plague a saint! Sally's a well-meaning woman, but her endless gossiping is enough to plague a saint.
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plague someone or something with something

to bother or annoy someone or something with something. Stop plaguing me with your requests. We plagued the committee with ideas.
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avoid like the plague

Evade or elude at any cost, shun. For example, Since Bob was taken into police custody, his friends have been avoiding him and his family like the plague . This seemingly modern expression dates from the Latin of the early Middle Ages, when Saint Jerome (a.d. 345-420) wrote, "Avoid, as you would the plague, a clergyman who is also a man of business." The plague, a deadly infectious disease in his day, has been largely wiped out, but the term remains current.
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avoid someone/something like the plague

If you avoid someone or something like the plague, you do everything possible to avoid them. I would avoid him like the plague when his wife was around. The athlete must avoid all extra sugar like the plague. Note: The plague is bubonic plague, a disease which killed over 50 million people in Europe and Asia during the 14th century and was referred to as the Black Death.

avoid somebody/something like the ˈplague

(informal) avoid somebody/something completely: It was the sort of restaurant that I would normally have avoided like the plague.
A plague is an infectious disease that kills a lot of people.

plague with

To pester, trouble, or harass someone or something with something: Reporters plague me with questions everywhere I go. The production was plagued with problems from the start.
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6) The plagues ended on the night before the Israelites departed Egypt, which was on the 15th day of the Jewish calendar month of Nissan (Ex.
Caption: Bacterial DNA recovered from seven human skeletons, including this nearly 4,500-year-old find from Estonia's Corded Ware culture, indicates that plagues spread through Bronze Age European and Asian populations.
It is above all a necessary study of the system of lazaretti, or plague hospitals, in early modern Venice.
There are two plagues which caused the deadliest pandemics known in history and that may return as new breeds to create future outbreaks.
The modern world has its own deadly plagues, but the Black Death is no longer one of them.
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According to a report in The Telegraph, researchers believe they have found evidence of real natural disasters on which the ten plagues of Egypt, which led to Moses freeing the Israelites from slavery in the Book of Exodus in the Bible, were based.
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Holmes presents interesting new theories on the causation of devastating plagues throughout history and the deaths of prominent historical figures that may be attributable to anthrax.
These plagues were also confined to Europe, persisted for more than 300 years and killed everyone who caught them.
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Bollett's Plagues And Poxes, an excellent medical-based survey which charts the rise and changing of disease patterns throughout human history.
So God unleashed a series of 10 plagues on the land, the last of which was the slaying of the firstborn.