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place someone

to recall someone's name; to recall the details about a person that would help you identify the person. I am sorry, I can't seem to place you. Could you tell me your name again? I can't place her. Did I meet her once before?
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The watermelon with fruit salad is best completed just before placing on the table, although the calla lily floral portion can be completed a day ahead.
He has achieved six consecutive superior ratings for solo piano in the NFMC festivals, placing first in his division in 2003.
As identified by departement of origin, the Creusois in Paris were sixth out of eighty-two departmental populations in 1848 with 235 arrests, placing them just behind native Parisians and suburban dwellers.
The old regulations interpreting both sections employed a residual method of allocation, placing each acquired asset into one of four asset classes, with the purchase price then allocated among the classes in priority order.
b) placing a focal point at one end and closing the vista at the other, of what was once a ceremonial route
At Saturday's 32nd TYR/Mission Viejo Invitational, Oaks Christian demonstrated its growth by placing sixth out of 20 teams in one of the state's most prestigious regular-season events, featuring mostly Div.
The Placing Shares constitute 10 per cent of the Company's current issued and outstanding share capital.
Baltimore Technologies plc ("Baltimore" or "the Company") announces that the placing price for the institutional placing in connection with the acquisition of Content Technologies Holdings Limited ("Content Technologies") has been set at (pound)4.