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place with

1. To set, put, or lay someone or something alongside someone or something else. Place her with the other prisoners in the cell. You can place that vase with the white lamp in the hallway.
2. To assign one to work with or alongside with some person or group. The teacher placed me with Tommy for the history project. Let's place her with the advanced class.
3. To find a person, group, or company for someone to work for. The recruitment agency was able to place me with an advertising company as their new financial manager. The university has several resources to help place recent graduates with companies around the country.
4. To find a person, couple, or group that will take care of someone or an animal. They placed the foster child with a couple who were very eager to adopt him. We were able to placed the abandoned puppy with a new family in a matter of days. The company placed the valuable item with a security firm.
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place someone with someone or something

to get someone a job with someone or some company. The agency was able to place me with Dave, who runs a small candy store on Maple Street. They placed me with a firm that makes doghouses.
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place something with someone or something

to leave something in the care of someone or something. We placed the trunk with Fred and his wife. Mary placed the problem with the committee, hoping a solution could be found.
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He looks at the place where Mary stood, in another part of the church, and where John stood, and Mary Magdalen; where the mob derided the Lord; where the angel sat; where the crown of thorns was found, and the true Cross; where the risen Saviour appeared-- he looks at all these places with interest, but with the same conviction he felt in the case of the Sepulchre, that there is nothing genuine about them, and that they are imaginary holy places created by the monks.
"Not five minutes since," she thought to herself, "I was longing to change places with you!
Reform of polling place operations is in order given reports of multiple lines at polling places with some lines empty or very short, while others were long.
In the land where, as singer and songwriter Joni Mitchell notes, we are always paving paradise and putting up a parking lot, we find ourselves increasingly starved for real places - human places with stories and memories, places of beauty, places that nurture.