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place (someone)

To recognize and remember who someone is. They showed me a picture of a suspect and asked if I knew who it was, but I couldn't place her. A: "Do you remember my friend Tom?" B: "I know the name, but I can't place him."
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place someone

to recall someone's name; to recall the details about a person that would help you identify the person. I am sorry, I can't seem to place you. Could you tell me your name again? I can't place her. Did I meet her once before?
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In the Florida Region, among the top 100 commercial teams, Erick Shumway & Associates placed #34 and the David Roth Team placed #61.
Caitlin placed 6th overall, gained a bronze medal for placing 3rd on beam, placed 4th on vault, 5th on bars and 6th on floor.
Interboro Mutual Indemnity Insurance Co., Mineola, N.Y., was placed into rehabilitation by the New York Department of Insurance on April 6.
Carpeted covers are placed over the rear wheelwells, and the front carpeting is installed.
In new churches they should be placed in chapels separated in some way from the body of the church.
17, the company was placed in rehabilitation by the North Carolina Department of Insurance.
197 intangibles except goodwill and going concern value (whether amortizable or not) are placed in Class IV, and goodwill and going concern value (whether amortizable or not) are placed in a new Class V.
Anna placed second in the MTNA National Competitions in 2000.
I have heard from clergy and laity alike that prior to Vatican II, too much emphasis was placed on the Eucharist to the detriment of Jesus' presence in the worshipping assembly.
He had previously won honors in chemistry and math, and he placed first in his state, and third in the United States, in the National Spanish Exam.
placed 10th for splicing a nerve-cell protein into liver cells.
in Riverside, Calif., placed second in the competition, which is sponsored by the Westinghouse Electric Corp.