place next to

place (someone or something) next to (someone or something else)

To set someone or something in a position that is immediately adjacent to someone or something else. You can place those boxes next to my desk, thanks. They placed me next to Jeff for the concert.
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place someone or something next to someone or something

to put someone or something immediately adjacent to someone or something. Please don't place Donna next to Betty for the class photograph. They are wearing identical dresses. Please don't place the flowers next to me. I have hay fever.
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A woman around 40 years old drove into another place next to me.
They also can assume their rightful place next to other client advisers in the wealth management arena.
She will be accompanied by members of Nuneaton and Stockingford branch of the Royal British Legion for the appeal launch, which will take place next to the fountain in the Market Place.
They will take their place next to the greats of TV.
But as if simple appellations to place next to Weight & Length, mama, three weeks after color set in, gave nicknames.
In this first monograph devoted to the art of Magdalena Abakanowicz, Barbara Rose introduces her as a canonical artist of the 20th century who merits a place next to such giants as Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock.
For medical diagnosis, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) quickly took a place next to computerized tomography (CT) as a sophisticated imaging technology.
An ardent segregationist who used his committee to hold up or weaken civil rights legislation, Smith, at the very least, deserves a place next to Bull Connor and the "old' George Wallace in the demonology of the civil rights movement.