place in

place something in something

to put something inside something. Place the rabbit in the pen with the others. Please place your dishes in the sink when you finish.
See also: place
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Reports also suggest gas-leak mishap took place in INS Kolkata, an under-construction ship.
As a result, extra patrols are taking place in the areas to reassure residents as well as prevent offences from taking place.
The AIL concept: Dealing with aging in place in IL is, at best, extremely complex.
Special Order 40 has been surrounded in controversy since it was first put into place in 1979 by then-Chief Daryl F.
All offshore work will take place in summer 2006 using several vessels from Technip's fleet, including Apache, Wellservicer and Normand Pioneer.
He is currently in second place in the Angler of the Year race in the Eastern Division of the EverStart Series, trailing Ricky Shumpert by just 21 points.
By utilizing IPVC's technology, we can quickly adapt to the changes taking place in telecommunications applications, and deliver the products and services to the market created by Internet technology.
Template has a number of collaboration and reseller agreements in place in both Europe and Asia, including one with Reuters for distribution of the Template software in the United Kingdom.
2 million in 1997 revenues and a 6,612 percent growth rate, INS is the only company in the history of the Fast 50 to place in the top five in multiple years.
The demand structure in the Japanese market has undergone major changes in recent years with the expansion of sales of personal computers, portable telecommunications terminals and increasingly sophisticated consumer electronics products, along with developments that have taken place in digital technology.