place in

place something in something

to put something inside something. Place the rabbit in the pen with the others. Please place your dishes in the sink when you finish.
See also: place
References in classic literature ?
Therefore rough empirical generalizations have a definite place in science, in spite of not being exact of universal.
Be not too sensible, or too remembering, of thy place in conversation, and private answers to suitors; but let it rather be said, When he sits in place, he is another man.
Her one grievance against her place in the little house was its lonesome location.
if I had but been sent to any place in the world, and not to Newgate, I should have thought myself happy.
He was a cheerful, familiar, loudly-talkative old man, with a very poor opinion (as I soon discovered) of the place in which he lived, and a happy sense of superiority to his neighbours in virtue of the great personal distinction of having once been in London.
If there are any obstacles which you can place in her way--if there is any influence which you can exert, without exciting suspicion of your motive--prevent her, I entreat you, from accepting Miss Wyvil's invitation, until Mr.
There was no place in the city where he could wash even his face, unless he went down to the lake front-- and there it would soon be all ice.
This rough expostulation was addressed to no other than our acquaintance Isaac, who, richly and even magnificently dressed in a gaberdine ornamented with lace and lined with fur, was endeavouring to make place in the foremost row beneath the gallery for his daughter, the beautiful Rebecca, who had joined him at Ashby, and who was now hanging on her father's arm, not a little terrified by the popular displeasure which seemed generally excited by her parent's presumption.
They both execrated the place in very strong language, and gradually growled themselves out, and had nothing left to say.
Therefore my Lady Dedlock has come away from the place in Lincolnshire and has left it to the rain, and the crows, and the rabbits, and the deer, and the partridges and pheasants.
A small loaf and a morsel of cheese, therefore, were all she could afford, and with these she took her place in the boat again, and, after half an hour's delay during which the men were drinking at the public-house, proceeded on the journey.
Though nature grants vast periods of time for the work of natural selection, she does not grant an indefinite period; for as all organic beings are striving, it may be said, to seize on each place in the economy of nature, if any one species does not become modified and improved in a corresponding degree with its competitors, it will soon be exterminated.
In addition to what he has related of Paul, and of his own continued happiness, he has added a short narrative of what took place in a subsequent visit to the prairies, with which, as we conceive it a suitable termination to what has gone before, we shall judge it wise to conclude our labours.
There's a place in th' park woods here where there's snowdrops by thousands.
The play might be supposed to take place in Greece or Rome or Ancient Britain, it mattered not.