place aside

place something aside

to set something aside or out of the way. Place this one aside and we'll keep it for ourselves. Place aside some of the smaller ones for later.
See also: aside, place
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The community garden would be managed by the 26-man crew of the eco-adventure park, as an additional attraction of the place aside from the zip line ride, the unique culture of the residents and the amazing community of Monkeys.
Issues of space and place aside, this important book provides perspectives that challenge and disrupt sustainability education, perspectives that need to be taken on board by anyone engaged in pedagogy towards ecologically sustainable futures.
Montejo added that trees add to the color and aesthetic value of a place aside from providing a cooler environment particularly in urban areas.
This frigid world is the only known place aside from Earth home to active plate tectonics.
Remove the apple from the liquid and place aside into a serving bowl.
But you will have to place aside any sense of reality considering all the bizarre elements assembled to make this story work.
That could be a conscious choice, but there's precious little in its place aside from generalized melancholia.
It's always baffled me why these contraptions were invented in the first place aside, of course from the profit-making element.
She said: "If we go for something to eat, Jane still always leaves a place aside for him.
Throughout this week's event a host of activities will take place aside from the tournament proper, including a Performance Clinic with top British coaches Carl Maes and Nigel Sears, daily mini-tennis sessions and schools competitions as well as the Centre Court demonstrations from top Warwickshire youngsters taking place from Wednesday to Friday.
The main variable was constant with the first 15 overs of fielding restrictions and no thinking had to take place aside from the captain moving a few fielders around.
The monstrosity atop Huddersfield's famous hill would not be out of place aside an inner city business park, possibly housing insurance company offices.
Why not leave one place aside for a Rest of The World team - a representative side of non-qualifiers?
But he hasn't as yet set a place aside for his pipe and slippers by the fireplace in his island bolthole, and fully intends to engage in one or two other hair-raising escapades before getting the tobacco pouch out.
Drop spoonfuls of the mixture on to a lightly-oiled baking sheet and place aside to cool.