pivot on

pivot on (something)

1. Literally, to rotate on and around some centered focal point. This car seat pivots on a fixed point, allowing you to get your baby or toddler in and out of the car with much less hassle. He pivoted on the heel of his left foot to do a roundhouse kick nearly 180 degrees behind him.
2. To depend on or revolve entirely around some key thing. The product's success is going to pivot on whether or not people feel comfortable linking their home appliances to the internet. Our entire marketing campaign pivots on this television ad, so we have to make sure it is written and cast perfectly.
3. To grow, develop, or spring from some focal point or idea. The entire film pivots on the income gap in our country and how it became so extreme.
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pivot on something

to rotate on something; to spin around, centered on something. This part spins around and pivots on this little red spot, which is what they call a jewel. If the lever will not pivot on the bar, it needs some lubrication.
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pivot on

or pivot around
1. To rotate or spin around while remaining centered on some point: The chair pivots on a steel post.
2. To depend on something or someone for success or failure: This business deal pivots on whether or not we are willing to change the name of our product.
3. To develop from a central idea: The plot of the show pivots on the effects of drug addiction.
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The researchers also point out that, with only one pivot on a binding, if a load is applied at the exact position of the pivot, the pivot can't detect it.
Since failure to maintain a continuous pivot on the right foot in the center of the ring will destroy the sequence of the throw, no stalling or delay can be allowed.
Teaches the athlete to maintain proper balance and range in the power position, and emphasizes the importance of a continuous pivot on the right foot in the center of the ring.