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Then they go up the winding staircase of the great tower, toilsomely, turning and turning, and lowering their heads to avoid the stairs above, or the rough stone pivot around which they twist.
On impact, patented Lock-and-Pivot blades lock open and then pivot around bone to maximize penetration and ensure the head achieves a true 2.1-inch cut.
And, most notably of all, her case for herself as queen, and the actions she's taken to get there, pivot around the idea of revenge.
Pakistan due to historical positioning is important part of Silk Route and that would make it pivot around this new structure.
He is the pivot around which the South Africa batting line-up operates, and his form comes at a good time for the home side.
Besides, media professionals in the country are guided by standards and norms that hardly pivot around gender themes.
My next concern was if small sections of shim might create high spots inside for the barrel to sort of pivot around. This experimentation happened when I was working with BAT Machine on the custom extensions that fill this gap by themselves.
The unemployment rate continues to pivot around a 21st century low of 4 percent --less than halfthe rate of six years ago.<br />In Arizona, we're also hitting a sweet spot of low unemployment and big new jobs gains.
Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan said he [party head] is a pivot around which the party moves.
The TDDAL methodology stands for "Three Dimensional Demonstrated Active Learning" and the school claims to redefine the Pedagogy or Teaching Methodology is the pivot around which education moves and it has two cardinal aspects: its elements and its process.
The event highlighted two major themes; i) poverty is multi-dimensional and ii) account opening is the pivot around which financial inclusion and deepening works.
CONOR SAMMON 7 The forward pivot around whom much of Hearts' best work bounced.
Combining comedy, drama, friendship and mystery, the stories pivot around Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones, an extraordinary young girl who at the age of 10 has organised her own early entry into boarding school, along with her cheeky pony, Bonaparte.
Suresh of Tharai Thappatai fame is the villain, Rolex Pandi, and the pivot around whom the story is centred.
The Grade One for stayers appears to pivot around Saphir Du Rheu, last season's World Hurdle runner-up who returns from a short, yet pretty lucrative, stint over fences.