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cut to the pith (of something)

To focus directly on the essential or core matter(s) of a given topic or issue. Her newest book cuts to the pith of what it means to be human. We are looking for a reporter who will cut to the pith, not fluff their articles with unnecessary details or asides.
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pith of the matter

The core, central, essential, or most important part(s) or element(s) of some matter at hand. I'd love to sit and catch up with you, John, but let's get to the right to pith of the matter and start talking business. Your Honor and the jury will find that the pith of the matter is revealed by this single piece of evidence—the murder weapon, with the suspect's finger prints all over it.
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great pith and moment

High importance. A: "Making a speech at your college graduation is an occasion of great pith and moment." B: "I know, and I'm so honored that the committee chose me." Getting engaged is a decision of great pith and moment—do not take it lightly.
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The pursuit alone is my strength,--the energy of my soul,--the warmth of my blood,--and the pith and marrow of my bones
The pursuit alone is my strength- the energy of my soul- the warmth of my blood- and the pith and marrow of my bones
Conversely, the warps of squared lumber with and without piths, respectively, differed because of their grain.
0 cm thick; Sawing Pattern 2 (SP2), squared lumber with pith, 11.
fr] of the flat square of SP1 and squared lumber without pith of SP4 would show the average Young's modulus of the whole log because they included both juvenile and mature wood at a similar ratio to the whole log.
Here, "center" is the position including the pith or part thereof, "outer" is the outermost position of the log, and "inner" is a position between the two.