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cut to the pith (of something)

To focus directly on the essential or core matter(s) of a given topic or issue. Her newest book cuts to the pith of what it means to be human. We are looking for a reporter who will cut to the pith, not fluff their articles with unnecessary details or asides.
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pith of the matter

The core, central, essential, or most important part(s) or element(s) of some matter at hand. I'd love to sit and catch up with you, John, but let's get to the right to pith of the matter and start talking business. Your Honor and the jury will find that the pith of the matter is revealed by this single piece of evidence—the murder weapon, with the suspect's finger prints all over it.
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great pith and moment

High importance. A: "Making a speech at your college graduation is an occasion of great pith and moment." B: "I know, and I'm so honored that the committee chose me." Getting engaged is a decision of great pith and moment—do not take it lightly.
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5 cm long, the airway follows the path of the crooked pith, which was probably burned out with a hot wire.
In both species the most common damage type (>50%) was hard rot in pith with a diameter <20 ram; this exceeded or equaled the proportion of no damage (Tables 2 and 3).
The word prompts thoughts of pith helmets, and tiger hunts and pathetic little bands in remote Indian provinces playing 'God Save the King.
Put away the binoculars, hang the khakis and pith helmet back in the garage and holster the shotgun - big game hunting's off the menu in north Cardiff.
There are some surprises here, too, like a pith helmet and assorted pairs of chiefs' sandals, all covered in fine gold leaf.
However, using traditional pectinases can sometimes cause an unattractive slimy pith that both makes them unpleasant to handle and unsuitable for quality fruit salads.
Sure enough, MerriamWebster's 10th Collegiate shows us "topee or topi (1835) a lightweight helmet-shaped hat made of pith or cork.
Elderberry and sumac both work well because they have so much soft pith in the center.
Midland Alliance table-toppers Barwell benefit with pounds 51,051 for a 256-seater stand plus new dug-outs, while Dr Martens Eastern side Banbury will be able to use their pounds 17,997 to improve drainage and renovate the pith.
Make sure to remove only the coloured outer portion of the rind - the white pith beneath is bitter and should not be used.
There were Tarzan bows, arrows, spears, rubber knives, bathing suits, masks, costumes, pith helmets, games, and jungle maps.