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cut to the pith (of something)

To focus directly on the essential or core matter(s) of a given topic or issue. Her newest book cuts to the pith of what it means to be human. We are looking for a reporter who will cut to the pith, not fluff their articles with unnecessary details or asides.
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pith of the matter

The core, central, essential, or most important part(s) or element(s) of some matter at hand. I'd love to sit and catch up with you, John, but let's get to the right to pith of the matter and start talking business. Your Honor and the jury will find that the pith of the matter is revealed by this single piece of evidence—the murder weapon, with the suspect's finger prints all over it.
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great pith and moment

High importance. A: "Making a speech at your college graduation is an occasion of great pith and moment." B: "I know, and I'm so honored that the committee chose me." Getting engaged is a decision of great pith and moment—do not take it lightly.
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In this work, coconut pith adsorbents exhibited an excellent affinity for Au(III) ions, especially modified coconut pith (GCP), which showed higher uptake capacity and reusability.
In the end, Pointy Shoes and Pith Helmets is a valuable contribution to the study of Ambonese, Indonesian, and colonial history that fascinates from beginning to end.
BD and CS gradually increased to about 6 cm from the pith in 5- and 7-year-old trees, after which they were stabilized.
The objective of these experiments was to estimate the relative roles of bacteria, protozoa and fungi in plant cell wall digestion of sugarcane pith processed with low temperature steam and sulphuric acid by in vitro gas production and investigation effectiveness of this method for increasing the feed value of sugarcane pith, and probably negative effects of this processing method on rumen microorganisms.
Investigation of the genetics of the pith expression is underway.
A Channel 5 spokesman said: "We're sorry that Keith won't do it again, but if we have another programme we'll be open to suggestions as to who can fill Keith's pith helmet.
In 1871, wearing this very pith helmet, Stanley finally tracked the erstwhile missionary down at Ujiji in Tanzania and uttered his now famous greeting.
Eat some of the pulpy membrane that separates the segments, and a little pith - this contains pectin which can help lower blood cholesterol levels.
Pith location in loblolly pine 2 by 4's sawn from small-diameter stems was investigated as a contributing factor toward warp and lumber degrade.
I unscrewedthe lid, freed the pith and pips with a fork, and poured her another glass.
Hence, this investigation evaluated the drying quality of green 115 mm square timbers from second-growth mixed coastal forests of hemlock baby-squares, under the influence of juvenile wood presence shown with a pith location at least on one of their end-surfaces, the tree harvesting season and drying target MC.