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it's raining pitchforks (and hammer handles)

old-fashioned It's raining extremely heavily. We can't hold the company barbeque today—it's raining pitchforks and hammer handles! We'll still have a good vacation, even if it's raining pitchforks the whole time.
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rain pitchforks

old-fashioned To rain extremely heavily. We've been planning this company barbecue for weeks, but unfortunately it's supposed to rain pitchforks this weekend! We were looking forward to sunny skies in Portugal, but it rained pitchforks the whole time we were there.
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It's raining pitchforks (and hammer handles).

 and It's raining cats and dogs.
Rur. It is raining very hard. Take an umbrella. It's raining pitchforks and hammer handles out there! Charlie: Have you looked outside? How's the weather? Mary: It's raining cats and dogs.
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rain pitchforks

tv. to rain very hard and heavy. Every time I go out to rake leaves, it rains pitchforks.
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Now, the decision to award Pitchfork his first day in the outside world has angered Rebecca Eastwood, from Netherley, Lynda's sister.
Pauline Pitchfork, with daughter Melissa Simons, replacing flowers on her husband |Harry's headstone.
"It's only fair that the man that did this to him will not either."Hugh was left with the pitchfork sticking out of his skull after the attack at his home in Clydebank.
Pitchfork raped and murdered two girls in Leicestershire and was sentencedtolifeimprisonment in 1988 after admitting both killings.
A VIOLENT thief who threatened his victims with a variety of weapons, including a pitchfork and a knife, during a string of robberies across the region has been convicted.
A FURIOUS farmer attacked an animal inspector with a pitchfork as he ordered him off his land.
The Immigration and Customs report falsely asserted that The Pitchfork Rebellion - a nonviolent forest-dwellers' group founded by my wife and me to fight aerial spraying of herbicides near homes - organized the May 30 rally.
The cutting-edge website, Pitchfork Media, (pitchforkmedia.com) recently called Dylan "the last American hero." He's certainly turning into one of them.
It was reported the woman was hosed with water and her act culminated in her throwing her thong to the crowd, before it was handed back to her on the end of a pitchfork.
Dear Editor, - With patriotic fervour pulsing through his veins, Mr Dyson (Post, March 21) stands firms, a sturdy `little Englander', pitchfork in one hand, an unread copy of the constitution in the other.
Taking second place in the Top Ten is Colin Pitchfork - the first British criminal to be charged using DNA fingerprinting.
During any given session, she wears flashy designer gowns (as do the medical personnel), reads aloud from texts (heady things like books by French philosopher Michel Serres), and hams it up for the cameras with props ranging from bunches of grapes to a devil's skull and pitchfork. Meanwhile, as Orlan's flunkies romp through the background with placards depicting her previous performances, a state-certified surgeon might, say, drain fat from her thighs with grotesque thrusting movements, and then inject it by means of syringes into select locations on her face--above her eyelids, below her cheekbones, and into her upper lip.
But Prince's catalog will reportedly be available on Apple Music's services "very soon," (http://pitchfork.com/news/71224-purple-ads-hint-at-princes-return-to-spotify/?mbid=social_twitter) Pitchfork reported Monday citing sources.