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It's raining pitchforks (and hammer handles).

 and It's raining cats and dogs.
Rur. It is raining very hard. Take an umbrella. It's raining pitchforks and hammer handles out there! Charlie: Have you looked outside? How's the weather? Mary: It's raining cats and dogs.
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rain pitchforks

tv. to rain very hard and heavy. Every time I go out to rake leaves, it rains pitchforks.
See also: pitchfork, rain
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Dad-of-two Pitchfork was convicted by DNA evidence after a mass screening of nearly 5,000 local men, where the crimes were carried out.
We did recover a pitchfork from the scene and we'll get that forensically examined.
However, Pitchfork has denied the reports of West's involvement in the song.
The Hatchet blends sweet and tart apple varietals to ideal effect," he said, "The Pitchfork is apple based, infused with essence of pear, and the Anvil spikes apple cider with a measure of our barrel proof bourbon flavor.
15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Network Entertainment International and Pitchfork Media Inc.
Claims by Owen and the Pitchfork Rebellion affiliates claiming pesticides used in the reforestation of timberlands in the area were affecting the health of residents in Lake Creek Valley were not substantiated.
The 69-year-old was also convicted of failing to prevent an employee from repeatedly beating the animal which was filmed chained to the ground and being hit with a pitchfork.
A JUDGE has praised police for the way they handled a man armed with a pitchfork.
A local yard sale featured a pitchfork with broken handle for only $5.
ATRUCK driver was attacked with a pitchfork by two drunken yobs when he refused to let them in his lorry.
Three judges in the Court of Appeal in London ruled that the 30-year minimum currently being served by Colin Pitchfork, now 48, who was jailed for life 20 years ago for the "heinous" murders of two schoolgirls in Leicestershire, should be reduced from 30 years to 28 years.
The piece was attributed to an anonymous prisoner, but The Times said it was created by Colin Pitchfork, who was jailed for life two decades ago for the "heinous" murders of two schoolgirls in Leicestershire.
Sadistic Colin Pitchfork, from Leicestershire, was jailed for life in 1988 for the rape and murder of schoolgirls Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth, both from Narborough, Leicestershire.