pitched battle

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pitched battle

A volatile fight or argument. There was a pitched battle between both political parties before the election.
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pitched battle, a

An intense conflict, as in Their disagreement turned into a pitched battle between the nurses and the physicians' assistants . This term, dating from about 1600, originally alluded to a military battle in which the array of forces and battleground are predetermined (as opposed to a hasty skirmish).
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a pitched battle

a fierce fight.
Literally, a pitched battle is one fought on a predetermined ground (the pitch ), as opposed to either a casual skirmish or a running battle (see running).
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a ˌpitched ˈbattle

1 a fight that involves a large number of people: There was a pitched battle earlier today between police and demonstrators. Two hundred people were injured, ten seriously.
2 a military battle fought with soldiers arranged in prepared positions
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As Birmingham boomed in the early 1870s, mobs of youths fought pitched battles with each other in the streets.
FIFTEEN people were killed and 650 injured as troops and police fought pitched battles with protesters in the Thai capital Bangkok last night.
Calum MacNab discovers that once you have been accepted into the world of a football firm - the organised gangs that use the game as an excuse for pitched battles - it is difficult to try to turn your back on it.
The move follows months of fighting and the BBC quoted officials as saying pitched battles are still taking place in the area.
So let's keep the battles for the pitch, and prevent any pitched battles in the stands.
A lot of damage was done through the long centuries of Christian conflict by people willing to escalate theological debates into pitched battles, charge opponents with heresy, and manipulate political power to suppress or even kill (in the name of the Lord) those defined as "false teachers.
helicopters attacked a compound in Khujakhader area of Angor Adda, about 26 kilometers from WANA, the headquarters of South Waziristan tribal agency which has witnessed many pitched battles between militants and the Pakistan army during an antiterrorist operation in 2005.
Eastern Europe began to wobble in the 1980s, pitched battles broke out in state-run stations.
In the years that followed, the director dealt sympathetically with labor unions (Matewan, released in '87), citizens caught in the middle of pitched battles over gentrification (City of Hope, '91), race and substance abuse (Passion Fish, '92), and small-town corruption in the shadow of the Mexican border (Lone Star, '96).
Pro-voucher forces are on the march in several states, and we expect to see many pitched battles in state legislatures this year," said Ann Mulligan, AU's states legislative coordinator.
The impact of this wrongheaded approach is manifest as the head on, pitched battles between undifferentiated competitors for market share.
Most of the software involves pitched battles between good and bad guys, or races to nowhere, but there is an occasional game with a green theme.
And in an industry where engineers wage pitched battles over ounces, that's a very persuasive number.
PITCHED battles, windows shattered, shops looted, mounted police and horses injured.
These pitched battles between competing products were fought, in large part, with weapons forged from a then-novel environmental analytical tool called life cycle assessment (LCA).