pitched battle

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pitched battle

A volatile fight or argument. There was a pitched battle between both political parties before the election.
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pitched battle, a

An intense conflict, as in Their disagreement turned into a pitched battle between the nurses and the physicians' assistants . This term, dating from about 1600, originally alluded to a military battle in which the array of forces and battleground are predetermined (as opposed to a hasty skirmish).
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a pitched battle

a fierce fight.
Literally, a pitched battle is one fought on a predetermined ground (the pitch ), as opposed to either a casual skirmish or a running battle (see running).
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a ˌpitched ˈbattle

1 a fight that involves a large number of people: There was a pitched battle earlier today between police and demonstrators. Two hundred people were injured, ten seriously.
2 a military battle fought with soldiers arranged in prepared positions
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Gay themes again become the focus of a pitched battle over federal funding of the arts
It is not hard to imagine the result when Aztecs came into contact with the Spanish, whose own warrior culture stressed pitched battle to the death, a concept inherited from Greece, Rome, and the Crusades.
And stunned locals in the east end of Glasgow told of the halfhour pitched battle which brought terror to their street.
More than two years after officials ordered the image of a tiny cross removed from Los Angeles County's official seal, a pitched battle continues over the constitutionality of religious symbols in public places.
In August police officers were injured when up to 50 youths and adults fought a pitched battle in the park.
FIFA have been ruled offside in a pitched battle over football's most controversial rule.
Foresters in Chicago, New York and other eastern states have been fighting a pitched battle with the Asian long-horned beetle, a voracious black insect imported from China that bores into hardwood trees, especially maple.
Revellers watched in horror over the weekend as a pitched battle broke out between Sunderland and Newcastle fans.
Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Frodo and his compatriots have forged an alliance committing them to a pitched battle for the survival of Middle-earth, and in Star Wars: Episode II--The Attack of the Clones the forces of good and evil are preparing for Armageddon.
The intercepted radio messages helped persuade US military officials that bin Laden was likely in the area, where al Qaida forces are in a pitched battle with Afghan forces being helped by American and British special forces.
But this particular version of art's pitched battle got funnier as it became more literal.
As usual, Cairo+5--which convened to discuss implementation of the directives of the International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo in 1994--was the site of a pitched battle between population controllers and prolife advocates, including two representatives of Campaign Life, Toronto.
A shinty match ended in a pitched battle yesterday, with players slugging it out on the pitch.
The pitched battle between olestra marketers and public health experts has even escalated to the World Wide Web.
Ironically, in Wynn's view, the October pogroms paved the way for the greatest show of worker political militance anywhere in Russia in December 1905: revolutionaries and skilled workers armed themselves to combat pogromists, and so were able to seize control of central Ekaterinoslav and many of the stations along the Ekaterinin railroad, and even to attempt to take on the military in pitched battle at Gorlovka.