pitch away

pitch something away

to toss or throw something away. He pitched the broken stick away, and looked around for something stronger. He pitched away the stick.
See also: away, pitch
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It's a goal that will mean so much to local lad Robbie Evans, and you could tell as he wheeled away to celebrate more than half the pitch away, presumably in front of his friends and family.
From infants to the elderly to anyone in between -- all are just one pitch away from a line drive foul ball heading at them at lightning speed," said Robert Hilliard, partner at Hilliard Munoz and Gonzales LLP.
Dad used to study the grainy photo as if was the Times crossword and each time I was allowed a go, I was absolutely sure I'd nailed the exact spot which would always turn out to be half a pitch away.
1986 -- The California Angels were one pitch away from their first pennant when they let the Boston Red Sox back into the American League playoffs with an 11-inning 7-6 victory in Game 5.
Unfortunately, it turns out to be a false alarm, and the Moons troop home to find Aleks has given Alfie's pitch away, and Jean and Lily are on the doorstep.
Unfortunately, it turns out to be a false alarm, and the Moons troop home to find that Aleks has given Alfie's pitch away - and Jean and Lily are on the doorstep.
It was about half the size of a football pitch away from the M1.
The sensors are able to detect stationary and moving objects, and are claimed to be so sensitive they can differentiate between a paper bag and a small animal from nearly the length of a football pitch away - the point being, the car would not attempt to avoid the bag.
3 NORTON took well to their first time playing on an artificial pitch away at Durham County.
25am before yesterday's Cabinet meeting with the PM - the length of a football pitch away.
There's not a lot a manager can do about that while he's standing half a pitch away.
Every business association has one--the vendor who just doesn't get that it's a holiday party, and that he should put his sales pitch away for the evening.
While Eldon Square has been extraordinarily successful since its opening in 1976, the addition of the more recent fashion-led extension anchored by Debenhams, has pulled Newcastle's retail pitch away from Northumberland Street, which had always been the prime area.
Rangers did not create much of their own, with lone striker Kenny Miller spending vast amounts of time half a pitch away from the rest of his team mates.
It's because football is what they do and if they are going through a difficult time, being out on the pitch away form the problems gives them a sense of relief.