pitch at

pitch something at someone or something

1. to throw something at someone or something. The boys pitched cans at the tree. We all pitched rocks at the big boulder.
2. to aim advertising at a particular group. They pitched the ad campaign at teenagers. These comedy programs are pitched at the lowest level of mentality.
See also: pitch
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By keeping this pitch at the knees and lower, you can make it almost impossible to hit for distance.
After its climactic first pitch at Pacific Bell Park, the ball will be put on permanent display, so everyone, including future generations, can view the ball for years to come.
Twice Valenzuela has thrown out the first pitch at a Dodgers game, and he was given a thunderous standing ovation each time.
The rotation of this pitch at the beginning should be 6 to 12.
If I was going to hit somebody, would I have thrown the first pitch at his feet and another one at his head?
Stick to the plan, stay focused, take one pitch at a time, get ahead of the hitters, etc.
I'm not saying that he can't come here and pitch or that he won't come here and pitch, I just know that in fairness to Billy, he really wasn't ready to pitch at this level because this (Lancaster) is a difficult place to pitch.
Every pitch is important because the game is played one pitch at a time, but the difference in offensive productivity between 2-1 and 1-2 is so large, it is imperative to throw two of the first three pitches for strikes.
The reports we got was that he'd throw that pitch at any time, and he did,'' Nevin said.
Drops may also be caused by not picking up the pitch at the point of release.