pitch at

pitch (something) at

1. To hurl, toss, or throw something at someone or something. We sat there pitching balls of paper at his desk to get his attention. He was arrested for pitching rocks at people from the overpass.
2. To set up some kind of temporary living arrangement at some location. We always pitch our camp at same spot by the lake. We were about to pitch our tent at the campsite when a huge storm started blowing away all our equipment.
3. To propose something in a particular setting or place. They let me pitch a few ideas at the board meeting, but I don't know if the directors liked any of them. She pitched a radical new kind of cybersecurity software at the convention.
4. To target something, especially advertisements, at a particular demographic. It just sickens me how these companies shamelessly pitch ads at children at such a young age. It's still really weird to me how websites pitch advertisements at me for things I write about in emails and blog posts.
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pitch something at someone or something

1. to throw something at someone or something. The boys pitched cans at the tree. We all pitched rocks at the big boulder.
2. to aim advertising at a particular group. They pitched the ad campaign at teenagers. These comedy programs are pitched at the lowest level of mentality.
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The senior pitch at An Aird was becoming overused, with training on the ground every night, so the team of volunteers who manage the club decided to up their game by delivering a second, slightly smaller pitch.
The winners will be selected by an audience vote and will be invited to Pitch at Pitch@Palace Global, which takes place at St.
"Italways takes two months for pitch at Beach Road a football pitch to be in a playable state and it's not just Maes y Bryn who are affected as a number of Sunday league teams also use Beach Road."
It is just one metre narrower and one metre shorter than the pitch at Anfield.
"The pitch at Goodison has been in better condition but it's the same for both teams," he said.
NORTH Huddersfield schools and disabled groups will benefit from a new artificial pitch at Leeds Road playing fields.
"However, taking into account that it was the first time that a pitch at Galle has been rated as "poor" and given the intention of the curator to prepare a pitch that provided a fair balance between bat and ball, we have decided to impose a warning as the sanction," Richardson said.
A Wembley Stadium spokesperson said: "We accept and understand the frustrations around the standard of the pitch at Wembley for last weekend's FA Cup semi-finals.
Yes, the pitch at the Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, is superior to those in Great Britain in the 1980s but it is still artificial and therefore likely to provide England with a test of their flexibility.
Has Shipton ever heard the perfect pitch at Banff?.
By keeping this pitch at the knees and lower, you can make it almost impossible to hit for distance.
"The pitch at Stobart Stadium Halton will modernise the game and create a fantastic matchday experience.
"At no time have we attributed our results to the conditions of the pitch at any ground.
FRUSTRATION over the condition of Cardiff City's pitch at the new stadium is growing.