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said Zarathustra, laughing; "verily I reviled when I spake of pitch.
Billy shifted the light until it illuminated the doorway, and then threw the stick as he would pitch a baseball.
Don't fear getting behind in the count; be patient, and when you get your pitch, rip it and clear the bases.
When I relayed Pedro's words to Greg, he returned the compliment: ``Pedro doesn't have to pitch, but he does.
Then as a class, listen to the pitch of each instrument and try to group ones with a similar range together.
White pitch is a well-known problem at mills producing coated paper grades.
Ronna Lichtenberg wrote Pitch Like A Girl: How A Woman Can Be Herself And Still Succeed to help women learn to promote themselves and get what they want in business and in life.
The nut used with the pitch beam puller is too small to screw into the pitch beam shaft.
Alaways created a mathematical model of the baseball pitch from the instant the ball is let go to the instant that it crosses home plate.
The company now offers shipbuilders, owners and operators a broad range of stainless steel and bronze fixed pitch propeller styles for all applications.
Big League rules prohibit pitchers from throwing more than 10 innings in one day, and require those who pitch five innings or more to be shut down the next day.
3 Sound waves with a high frequency, or number of vibrations per second, have a high pitch.
Pitch season is a stressful and challenging time for papermakers.
With Florida runners on second and third and none out -- the exact sort of situation that repeatedly had caused Lowe to unravel of late -- the Dodgers' right-hander blew a pitch past All-Star rookie Dan Uggla and gave up a harmless sacrifice fly to Mike Jacobs.
This is just one of the earlier steps in developing confidence in delivering the pitch to a specific location of the plate.