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Several pitches were thrown in the bottoms of the ninth and tenth that could have produced a victory for the TWins (including the one thrown to Gene Larkin that eventually did win the World Series for Minnesota), but not a single pitch thrown in that game could have won it for Atlanta.
The hitter would be looking for a pitch to drive into the gaps or over the fence, and would probably take the pitcher deep into the count looking for that one pitch, that one mistake, that each hitter gets in an average at bat.
The higher the frequency (the faster the vibrations), the higher the pitch the instrument makes.
If the notes resulting from execution come as a surprise to the performer, so will the tone, pitch, articulation and rhythmic accuracy.
However, if wood pitch was present, binder-rich particles deposited extensively onto fibers as the pH decreased from 8.
Lichtenberg points out that we pitch in many situations, not only in business situations, such as applying for a job, seeking a promotion, or trying to raise capital for a new business, but also in non-business situations, such as seeking to get the best medical care available or influencing one's spouse.
So the nut and the 16-lb puller have to be held in place while removing the pitch beam.
Ignoring complicating factors, such as a crosswind, Alaways created a set of equations that closely predicts actual pitch trajectories both in the laboratory and on the field.
Bird-Johnson, a leader in the manufacture of marine controllable pitch propellers for more than 30 years, entered the fixed pitch propeller market in 1986.
The longer the wavelength, the lower the frequency, meaning a lower pitch.
Application: This paper examines seasonal factors contributing to pitch and pertinent analytical methods.