pit your wits

pit (one's) wits against (someone or something)

To engage in a contest of intelligence with someone or something. In the show, five couples will pit their wits against each other to see who knows more pop culture trivia. The best chess player in the world is pitting his wits against a supercomputer.
See also: pit, wit
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ˌpit your ˈwits (against somebody/something)

compete with somebody/something in a test of intelligence or knowledge: He’s pitting his wits against the computer chess game.
See also: pit, wit
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Yep, we thought so 17-23 TV LISTINGS Your seven-day television listings guide starts here 24 PUZZLES & STARS Pit your wits against our cunning puzzles, solve them, and you're all ready for a very smug weekend.
Pit your wits in a quiz on Liverpool writers and vote for which direction our choose-your-own-adventure story should take next.
"When everyone thinks you are out it's a great challenge to go and pit your wits against 20,000 fans and an opposing team who already think they are there," said the Eagles boss.
Then pit your wits against www.tinyurl.com/24fqz3, where you'll be asked to identify films from a single frame.
Race down the Men's downhill, take part in the terrifying bobsleigh or pit your wits against the world's best snowboarders, Salt Lake 2002 - the official computer game of the Winter Olympics - has it all.
Pit your wits against other online players at www.quizchannel.com in a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?-type contest.
Pit your wits against our photographers and see if you can recognise our famous buildings, monuments and natural wonders.