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pull (one's) pisser

1. vulgar slang To tease or joke with one, often by trying to convince them of something untrue. Primarily heard in UK. Quit pulling my pisser, I know there isn't a Hollywood director calling me about a movie part. The guys here are going to pull your pisser, so don't take what they say too seriously.
2. vulgar slang To masturbate or bring one to orgasm, especially a male. Primarily heard in UK. If they actually had CCTV in this bloody car park, they'd have seen that creep pulling his pisser next to my car!
See also: pisser, pull

pull someone's pisser

= pull someone's leg. vulgar slang
See also: pisser, pull


1. n. a urinal; a place [room, restroom] to urinate. (Usually objectionable.) Who keeps missing the pisser?
2. n. a remarkable thing or person. (Usually objectionable.) Man, isn’t he a real pisser! Have you ever seen anybody bat like that?
3. n. a terribly funny joke. (You laugh so hard you wet your pants. Jocular. Usually objectionable.) He told a real pisser and broke up the entire class.