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pull (one's) pisser

1. vulgar slang To tease or joke with one, often by trying to convince them of something untrue. "Pisser" is a vulgur slang term for a penis. Primarily heard in UK. Quit pulling my pisser, I know there isn't a Hollywood director calling me about a movie part. The guys here are going to pull your pisser, so don't take what they say too seriously.
2. vulgar slang To masturbate. Typically used of a male. Primarily heard in UK. If they actually had CCTV in this bloody car park, they'd have seen that creep pulling his pisser next to my car!
See also: pisser, pull

pull someone's pisser

= pull someone's leg. vulgar slang
See also: pisser, pull


1. n. a urinal; a place [room, restroom] to urinate. (Usually objectionable.) Who keeps missing the pisser?
2. n. a remarkable thing or person. (Usually objectionable.) Man, isn’t he a real pisser! Have you ever seen anybody bat like that?
3. n. a terribly funny joke. (You laugh so hard you wet your pants. Jocular. Usually objectionable.) He told a real pisser and broke up the entire class.
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dork," "American Pisser and Moaner") which only indicate that you have no argument at all.
He comes home at no particular hour, throws his jacket on the floor, says the day was a pisser, throws his mail on the floor, wonders whether or not to stay in, throws a towel on the floor.
And I walked out the bathroom door where Foot was waiting for his chance to get to the pisser, since he got real fired up last night, and I noticed he managed not to leak all over himself for once.
Not the narrator, no; a walk-on character such as Pisser Burke.
The pisser, your attitude's range of change seemed to bring itself out in the pisser, all of you' (p.
J'etais a peine installedans le canape qui faisait face au fauteuil imposant ou il etait eternellement assis, quand il me demanda, avec l'œil malicieux qu'on lui connait, si je n'avais pas envie d'aller- pisser.
Je ne sors jamais la nuit, je m'enferme chez moi et je regarde la tele- J'ai peur d'avoir un accident, d'etre ecrase betement par un chauffard en etat d'ivresse, de me couper la main en epluchant des pommes de terre et de pisser tout mon sang, de tomber du balcon en mettant le linge a secher, de glisser dans ma salle de bain et avoir une fracture a l'omoplate ou au tibia, d'etre pique par des abeilles, d'etre griffe par un chat non vaccine, d'etre mordu par un chien enrage.
However, since you can't always makes heads or tales of what's written in the pisser of your local swill box, I can offer a few basic facts about this metal band named Demassek.
Calvin marks his territory with a wallride dog pisser in Cheyenne, WY.
The same location is marked by the pissers of the present generation.
If the success of Dong's room lay in its irony or inherent contradiction, the gaudy play of light reflected in Xiuzhen's serial pissers achieves a similar, though (as the high and low disconnect is literal and not implied here) all the more biting, end.