pissed (off) at (someone or something)

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pissed (off) at (someone or something)

rude slang Extremely angry, disgusted, or incensed because of someone or something. Don't get pissed at me—you're the one who wanted to go through with this cockamamie scheme to begin with! A lot of people are pissed off at our government for putting the interests of companies ahead of its citizens.
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pissed at someone/something


pissed (off) (at someone/something)

and pissed off about someone/something
mod. very angry with or about someone or something. (Objectionable to many people, but heard in all popular entertainment, schools, and the workplace.) She’s always so pissed off about something. He always seems pissed off at somebody.
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Cohen added, 'They said you didn't go to her baby shower 'cause you were pissed at her.'
She applied to Canadian medical schools, which were mightily pissed at her audacity and refused her entry, of course.
TV chef Keith Floyd issued this Christmas message yesterday after being banned from driving for crashing his car while more than three times the limit: 'Get pissed at home - don't drive.'
Get pissed at home - don't drive - and have a great time.'
He'll get all pissed at Andrew: "You're going to turn Bryan pro, then Evan pro, then Knox, then me.
I even took a walk around the halls today, but I'm depressed about the whole process of dying, feeling sorry for myself, pissed at the world, pissed at Michael Jackson, who the press is fawning over because he passed out while rehearsing some big show with Marcel Marceau.
I wasn't even driving-I got so pissed at this guy that I grabbed this half-full Coke can and tossed it over our truck and it bounced right off his hood.