piss on (someone or something)

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piss on (someone or something)

1. verb, vulgar slang Literally, to urinate on someone or something. Her dog walked right over and pissed on me. He was so drunk that he just started pissing on the street where he stood.
2. interjection, vulgar slang An exclamation of disgust, frustration, exasperation, or irritation with someone or something. Jerry doesn't want to contribute to the project? Well, piss on him, then. Piss on this thing! I've been trying to open my browser for 20 minutes, but the computer is totally frozen!
3. interjection, vulgar slang An exclamation of reckless determination; to hell with the consequences. Always used in the form "piss on it." A: "You sure you don't want a beer?" B: "Oh, piss on it—open one up for me. I guess I'll just deal with a hangover at work tomorrow." She stood looking down where her friends had jumped into the river. "Piss on it," she thought, as she took a running leap off the edge.
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Piss on it!

in. To hell with it! (Usually objectionable.) Oh, piss on it! I’ve had enough!
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piss on someone/something

1. in. to urinate on someone or something. (Usually objectionable.) That dog pissed on my shoe!
2. in. to degrade or denigrate someone or something. (Usually objectionable.) He spent three paragraphs pissing on the play, then he said to go see it.
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