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begins its fifteenth season on June 25 by airing a documentary with all the characteristics that viewers of the program have come to expect: an intimate story told with great care that will simultaneously piss off and inspire plenty of people.
Meadow from The Sopranos: Of all the ways to piss off Daddy, that's a pretty good one.
Yes I've hit the odd copper, yes I've enjoyed the old doobie, but will you piss off and leave me alone, I'm walking to John O'Groats for some spastics'."
You don't write "God Save the Queen" and piss off fifty million people during her majesty's jubilee celebration if you're not attempting to make a political statement.
"I am not gay, although I wish I were, just to piss off the homophobes."
Two girls and a guy playing music tuneful enough to remember and raw enough to piss off your parents.
But here on Earth, it seems that if you haven't got four quid, then you can piss off out of the house of God and may the Devil take your soul.