piss (oneself)

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piss (oneself)

rude slang
1. Literally, to urinate while wearing one's clothing. I had to go to the bathroom so bad that I had nearly pissed myself by the time I made it home.
2. To laugh hysterically or uncontrollably. Raj's new boyfriend is hilarious. We were pissing ourselves through the whole lunch! I was pissing myself laughing at that comedy gig last night.
3. To be absolutely petrified with terror; to be scared out of one's wits. I was pissing myself when that huge burly guy started threatening me and my girlfriend.
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ˈpiss yourself (laughing)

(British English, taboo, slang) laugh very hard: Poor Kath — she was lying on the floor and we were all pissing ourselves laughing!
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1. in. to urinate. (Colloquial. Usually objectionable. Some expressions, such as pissed off, are common colloquial with wide but not universal use or acceptance. Other expressions with piss are more restricted in some circles. See the complete list of all entries with piss in the Index of Hidden Key Words.) Who pissed on the floor of the john?
2. n. urine. (Usually objectionable.) You got piss on your pants leg.
3. n. bad beer; bad liquor; any bad-tasting or poor-quality liquid. (Usually objectionable.) How about another can of that piss you serve here?
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