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land pirate

obsolete A robber who holds up people on the road; a highwayman. Be careful if you're traveling to town—I've heard there are land pirates along that winding stretch of road not far from here.
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porch pirate

slang Someone who steals delivered packages from people's porches or doorsteps. There have been a lot of porch pirates lately, so definitely bring any packages in as soon as they're delivered. My security camera caught footage of the porch pirates, and I gave it to the police when I reported the theft.
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puddle pirate

A derogatory nickname for a member of the United States Coast Guard (in contrast with the US Navy). Primarily heard in US. My uncle, a former Navy SEAL, never hesitates to mock me for enlisting as a puddle pirate, instead of joining a "real" branch of the military. We tease them for being nothing more than puddle pirates, but the Coast Guard plays a pivotal role in keeping our country and its people safe.
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