pipe into some place

pipe (something) into (something or some place)

1. To supply something or some place with a gas or liquid using one or more pipes. A noun or pronoun can be used between "pipe" and "in." The investigation revealed that the automotive dealer had been piping nitrous oxide into its waiting rooms to relax potential customers and make them more susceptible to purchasing a car. We just need to pipe water into the house and it will be ready for us to move in.
2. To play music in something or some place through speakers. A noun or pronoun can be used between "pipe" and "in." We've found that piping music into the shelter can really help the animals relax when they arrive. I wish the foreman wouldn't pipe same crappy radio station into the building site every single day on the job.
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pipe something into some place

 and pipe something in 
1. Lit. to conduct a liquid or a gas into some place through a pipe. An excellent delivery system piped oxygen into every hospital room. They piped in oxygen to every room. They piped it in.
2. Fig. to bring music or other sound into a place over wires. They piped music into the stairways and elevators. The elevators were nice except that the management had piped in music.
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