pipe away

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pipe something away

to conduct a liquid or a gas away through a pipe. We will have to pipe the excess water away. They piped away the water.
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This forced the pipe away from its connection to the washing machine, which resulted in water running continuously on to the floor.
A METAL thief who hacked a pipe away from a giant storage tank was told by a judge he could have caused a fireball which may have killed workers or emergency crews.
Bend diameter was controlled by placing the pipe close to the blocks initially, then moving the pipe away from the oak blocks to maintain the desired bend diameter.
Historically seen as a waste to pump or pipe away, stormwater can be used as a valuable resource in space-poor inner city environments.
shifted his pipe away from the talking side of his mouth .
Propagation of the crack proceeds axially along the pipe away from the initiation point, typically resulting in a classic "fish mouth" failure.