pip somebody at/to the post

pip (someone) to the post

To defeat or succeed over someone by a very narrow margin or at the final, crucial moment, especially in a race, competition, or athletic event. Primarily heard in UK, Australia, Ireland. The favoured runner held the lead for the majority of the race, but a relatively unknown competitor pipped him to the post in the final 100 metres. It appears the young candidate is set to pip his competitor to the post for his seat in parliament, which would make him the youngest candidate from this constituency to do so in nearly 60 years.
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pip somebody at/to the ˈpost

(British English, informal) beat somebody in a race, competition, etc. by only a small amount or at the last moment: We thought we’d won the contract, but we were pipped at the post by a rival company.I was winning the race until Tina came up behind me and pipped me to the post.
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